Poster campaigns, with a bit of branding and editorial.



The campaign’s main goal was to position McCafé as an ideal choice for people of all backgrounds, with a touch of posh.

Traditional window signage was the art direction, so after I worked on the typography we commissioned signpainters to recreate it in order to get genuine imperfections, such as cracks in the gold foiling and (slightly) wobbly edges.




This project involved a rebrand and a launch campaign, with the aim of bringing art to a wider audience.

Through their website and ambient media, Artfinder empowers you to enjoy art more, whether it’s choosing between Tracey Emin and Ali G on a gallery audio guide, or being able to change the artwork on digital billboards in public spaces.



Coke Christmas

This was a 6sheet layout as part of a speculative project for Coke.

The image of the bottle was pre-existing, but I created and rendered the straws using Cinema 4D.



Red Cross

The ICRC’s ‘Life & Death’ campaign addresses the lack of safe access to health care, a vital but neglected issue that affects millions of people during conflict and situations of violence.

Four visuals portray a different scene where violence has prevented health care from saving a life, using powerful copy and photography. These have been used in various pieces of print for the campaign, and appear on the ICRC website and online advertising.

The project also required extensive guidelines so that ICRC employees located anywhere globally can create campaign communications tailored to the area they’re working in.



Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain

Integrated campaign to promote the full range of Nutri-Grain bars. Each flavour is suited to whichever type of person you are in the morning, whether it’s the ‘5am dog walker’ or the ‘early morning swimmer’.

There was only a copywriter involved in this project, so my role was heavily focussed on art direction as well as being the lead designer.



Jameson Irish Whiskey

Two of a set of posters that draw focus to the product quality of Jameson’s whiskey.

The headlines are brought to life with playful typography, using a letterpress style sometimes seen in the brand’s advertising.



The Resistance Against Marketing

The following is an editorial design for the dissertation I wrote whilst at university.

The thesis investigates how a movement has evolved against advertising and branding over the past few decades, and how techniques such as culture jamming have been effective in creating a less consumptive lifestyle and a cleaner mental environment.



Cocaine Unwrapped

Poster for an independent film documentary which explores the cycle of violence caused by the global cocaine trade.

As well as the layout design, this project also involved lighting and photographing the papers, and retouching to add the typography afterwards.